About Us

Our History

— How it all began

Today, CGC (Chirst Gospel City, formerly ACBF (All Christian Believers’ Fellowship), is known for being an engaging,

warm, colorful, and Holy Spirit-filled/led church. But it actually started with about 16 people and their love for God.

Our Vision

— Very Clear Vision

  • To train people in discipleship.
  • To bring people into a personal relationship with God.
  • To bring God’s light into the world where darkness reigns
  • To lead people into God’s freedom with the power of the Holy Spirit.

Our Mission

— Where we headed

  • To reach all corners of the earth with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • To win more and more souls for the God’s Kingdom.

— Best way to come to the church

Way Description

By Public Transport:

  1. S-Bahn S11/S1:

    • Disembark at Kurt-Schumacher station.
    • Walk south along Kurt-Schumacher-Straße for about 200 meters.
    • At the intersection with Landauerstraße and Wilhelm-Hausenstein-Allee, turn right.
    • You’ll see the brown building of Christ Gospel City on your right.
  2. Bus 70:

    • Get off at Berliner Straße bus stop and turn into Landauerstraße.
    • Follow Landauerstraße for approximately 500 meters.
    • You’ll see the brown building of Christ Gospel City on your right.

By Car:

  • Enter the address of Christ Gospel City into your navigation device.
  • There are ample parking spaces in the side streets near the church.
  • Park your car safely and then proceed to the church.

For Individuals with Mobility Challenges:

  • For those with mobility issues, our ushers are available to assist individuals up the stairs if needed, or they can facilitate access to the live stream in the foyer area downstairs.

Come Visit Us

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