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Our Head PasPastor Turkson not only embodies an inspirational spiritual Shepard, but is also a loving husband who shares his life with his wonderful wife, Augustina Turkson.

In his role as lead pastor, Pastor Samuel Turkson is responsible for the leadership of Christ Gospel City Church. His commitment is characterized by a clear focus on the Holy Spirit , faith and community. Through encouraging sermons, he touches the hearts of the church members and fosters a deeper connection to God.

An outstanding characteristic of Pastor Samuel Turkson is his linguistic diversity. In addition to his mother tongue Twi, he is fluent in German, English and Russian. This linguistic diversity enables him to convey the message of the gospel to different people in our multicultural community.

Pastor Samuel Turkson's sermons are characterized by benevolence and deep love for God and people. Week after week, he inspires the hearts of the church members and helps them to grow spiritually. His clear messages are based on the Holy Scriptures and offer practical applications for everyday life.
samuel turkson
Head Pastor
Pastor Sampson is from Ukraine and joined our community two years ago amidst the challenges brought on by the war. His dedication and commitment have not only enriched the community, but also left a deeper spiritual impact. Despite his comparatively short time in Karlsruhe, he has already put down deep roots.

Pastor Sampson serves not only as a spiritual guide but also as a guardian of family heritage, with his entire family actively participating in our congregation's Russian speaking worship service.

With an impressive range of languages, Pastor Sampson is proficient in both Ukrainian and English. These skills enable him to bridge the gap between different cultures and appeal to a diverse congregation.

Pastor Sampson is characterized by a strong evangelistic spirit. His passion for preaching the gospel is reflected in his work, especially in ministering to the Ukrainian and Russian community who have found Christ Gospel City to be their spiritual home since the difficult times of war. Pastor Sampson lovingly cares for their needs and fosters a sense of community and hope.
sampson acheampong
Associate Pastor
Co-Pastor Pastor Eric Gyamerah is a dedicated member of the spiritual leadership of Christ Gospel City Church. Pastor Eric is not only a loving husband to Rosemary Gyamerah, but also a proud father of three children who are actively serving in our church.

In his role as co-pastor, Pastor Eric Gyamerah brings a refreshing perspective to our spiritual team. His sermons are always a powerful rebuke, encouraging us to grow deeper in God and take our personal relationship with Him seriously.His inspirational approach is reflected in the dedication with which he encourages the church to grow spiritually.

Co-pastor Eric Gyamerah not only plays a central role in spiritual leadership, but is also instrumental in managing the finances. Through his responsible approach, he provides a solid foundation for the church to successfully fulfill its mission.

Another key element of Pastor Eric's ministry is his commitment to daily morning prayers. As co-pastor, he leads our congregation in deep spiritual connection and creates a space for communal prayer that helps us to start the day stronger.
eric gyamerah
Associate Pastor


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